This is my very first blog post about life with my husband and two, male Olde English Bulldogges named Mack Truck (12 yrs) and Peterbilt (4 yrs). 

The inspiration for this blog came from an ongoing photo album on my Facebook page called The House That Bilt Ate. For any of you that are not familiar, I have been snapping and collecting photos of the various objects around the house that Peterbilt has eaten and/or destroyed over the last 3 years or so. To give you an overview, Peterbilt has savored and enjoyed the following items: multiple socks, a remote control, a deck of cards, an unbelievable number of left shoes (he specifically only eats left shoes for reasons we have not figured out yet) pillows, blankets, tax statements, junk mail, Tupperware, underwear, pajamas, his Gentle Leader and a squeegee, all in the name of separation anxiety. Every time we came home to a mangled piece of whatever, I’d snap a photo of it, caption it and post it, sometimes even snapping a photo of a guilt-ridden Peterbilt as an accompaniment. At times, we had multiple incidents a week and sometimes we’d go months without issue. However, what started as an outlet for our frustration ended up being a source of amusement and laughs for many of our friends and relatives. 


It wasn’t long after the House that Bilt Ate came to be that my husband and I started noticing that anytime we’d run in to someone we hadn’t seen for a while, or if we would attend a family function, or wedding, or what not, the first thing people would say to us is “DUDE! Your dog!”, and then tell us about their favorite photo and the laughs that ensued. People were sharing the pictures with their kids and other relatives, even! “Hey! How are you! Has Peterbilt eaten anything lately?” was and still is pretty common. 


I figured if people got such a kick out of the little snippets and pictures posted at random, maybe they’d find the stories that go on in between just a funny. That, and we’ve made several adjustments around the house over the years to curb Peterbilt’s appetite for destruction, so are picture posts are becoming less and less frequent. Pictures are funny to look back on and all but replacing my husband’s $200 work boots for the third time, really, really sucks.


So here we are! Stay tuned for stories and pictures!

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One thought on “Preface

  1. Welcome to Blogtown! You’re off to a good start. This problem may fall under “Childproof your house,” but you’d lose all the comic value. My dog, while insecure, does not eat things. I’m introducing my four cats to the blogworld, one at a time. This post inspires me to add a “knocked off/dragged away” story. 🙂

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