Introduction: What you should know about Olde English Bulldoggs

Hola mis amigos !

Aaaaand that the extent of my Spanish.

Before I indulge you with stories of dog farts and folly, panty-eating and subsequent panty-pooping, I’m going to have to give you some background information on Olde English Bulldogges, to better help paint the poopy picture.

I own two Olde English Bulldogges AND YES THAT’S THE CORRECT SPELLING. This breed is not to be confused with English Bulldogs.

Centuries ago, bulldogs were breed for use in bull baiting. A bloody and needlessly violent sport, the bulldogs would use its large jaws to bite the bull’s nose and pin it to the ground. Back then, bulldogs were larger, stronger and received little to no Beggin Strips. Life was not a bowl of cherries for bulldogs. Here is a painting of bulldog from the 1700’s, totally stepping on what looks to be a penis:


Eventually, bull baiting was outlawed and the American Kennel Club was organized. This took the English bulldog in an entirely new direction, appearance wise. Over time, the bulldog became shorter, the snout became shorter, and the dog was not as strong as its new job consisted of laying around farting all day long. The breeding took a toll on the English Bulldog. This breed is plagued with joint problems, eye problems, allergies and breathing issues due to the short nasal passage way.

That’s when the Oldy came along. In the 1970’s breeders organized to start a healthier breed of bulldog that was supposed to bring the bulldog body back to what it originally was. This took breeding pit bulls, bull mastiffs and the American Bulldog to get the perfect trifecta.

Disclaimer: There are no absolutes and I’m not saying buy one breed over the other. Trends point to a larger incidence of health issues in English Bulldogs vs. Olde English. I’ve seen many, perfectly healthy English bulldogs and have seen Oldy’s with severe hip displaysia. Hell, Peterbilt has been through a few surgeries himself, where as his father Mackie, is just dandy. Although I’m understandably biased towards Oldys’, I’m a fan of any bull dog, boxer, pitbull, mastiff and other bully breed.

Oldy’s are taller/larger than English bulldogs but are smaller than bull mastiffs and American Bulldogs. Many people confuse Oldy’s for American Bulldogs.

This is a picture of my Mackie (Mack Truck):


Mack is pretty representative of his breed. Although he’s on the slightly shorter side, his build and appearance are pretty standard. Oldy’s lazy demeanor makes them prone to being overweight. This picture is a few years old. At his heaviest (right after we neutered him in 2010) he weighed 101 lbs. However, we switched his to a Nuttro Lamb Diet Dog food and forced his fat ass to go on walks and he is now down to his ideal weight of 85 lbs, but we still affectionately call him Chubs. Our vet could not be more happy with us right now. Way to go Mackie!

Mackie gets bad hayfever in the fall, but allergies are common with any bulldog breed. Otherwise, he’s an ox.

Below is a picture of our other dog Peterbilt, Macks’s biological son:


Peterbilt is taller than the standard, thanks to his mother. Mack would kill me for telling you this, but when my husband would drop Mack off at his “girlfriend’s house” for a few weeks, the owners of the female Oldy had to provide Mack a small step stool so he could bow-chicka-bow-wow. Otherwise he was throwing it to the wind.

Peterbilt gets mistaken for an American Bulldog all of the time. Occasionally, a misinformed yokel will think he’s a pitbull and shrink back in horror. There’s this teenager on our block that my husband has been totally messing with. This kid saw my husband and Pete on a walk about 1-2 years ago and nervously asked my husband if Peterbilt was a pitbull. My husband, who is as sick of Pitbull-bashing as I am, said “Why yes! Yes he is!”. The kid reportedly crossed to the other side of the street upon hearing his. I snickered when my husband told me about what he did that day but thought nothing more about it until months or years later when I was walking Pete.  I turned the corner to see two teenage boys. One boy grabbed his friend by the collar and dragged him to safety, his eyes wide with fear. After I was done laughing, I waved Hi to the boys, much to their bewilderment.

At age 4, he’s still got a lot of puppy in him, which is something I did not forsee when we got Peterbilt. This breed really takes about 3-4 years to fully mature. This dog has a LOT of energy and requires daily walks, 2-3 walks ideally.

This is also a dog that has had a bouquet of health issues. Petebilt has had surgery to correct cherry eye and a luxating patella, both of which are genetic defects. Peterbilt also hit the unlucky jack pot once again and tore his ACL by slipping off of an icy curb on a walk about 2 years ago. That was another surgery. Mack has never had any joint issues and neither his mother. This goes to show you that you even healthy dog parents can yield pups with problems. Peter also has had UTI’s, at least a dozen ear infections, skin rash issues and a food allergy we have not quite nailed down yet. Sometimes I want to sit down and come up with an estimate of how much $$ this dogs has cost us over the years, but then I would only think of all of things we could have bought with that money instead soooooo it’s best not to know.

Behavior-wise, bulldogs are very bull-headed. They know what they want and you can’t tell them otherwise! Like pitbulls, they are great family dogs and do well around children and babies because these dogs ARE giant babies. They are very loyal and will follow you around where ever you go. I sometimes hid to get a minute to myself. They love to be watchdogs and take that job seriously.

So now you have an overview. Stay tuned for my next posts which will give you more back stories on my two knucklehead. Adios!

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