Weekly Writing Challenge | December 23, 2003

This is me in 2003:

Me on the left, with the 23 year old shit eating grin.

Me on the left, with the 23 year old shit eating grin.

December 23, 2003 I started working at my current job. My 10 year review is in an hour, actually. I told my boss “It’s gold watch time, baby!” when I left to go home on Friday evening, after he reminded me of my impending anniversary date. I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

Like most everyone else, my life was much different than it is now. Here’s 10 things different for 10 years:

1.) I had a half-pack a day smoking habit. Pack a day on the weekends. My mom used to love having me around so she could bum a smoke. She was (still is) as closet smoker that will never have the balls to buy her own cigarettes. Once, she went in my car to find my pack with one cigarette left in it. And. She. Smoked. My. Last. Cigarette. About 2 hours later, I sat her down and explained to her why she should never do such a thing, ever again, my eyeball twitching and all.

2.) My drink of choice: Barcardi Razz and Sprite. Because I’d had enough of Zima.

3.) I was 5 years away from meeting my husband, although oddly enough and unbeknownst to me at the time, I had ended up adopting his frat house dog as a pet (I’ll tell you about that sometime)

4.) I didn’t have a couple of bulldogs to fart by me while I was eating dinner. I was more of a dachshund fan at the time. And they didn’t fart nearly as much, but they had those shrill-ass barks…

5.) I slept soundly without a tossing/turning/farting husband beside me. I also used to get to sleep in past noon. I used to sleep in the middle of the bed….le sigh….

6.) I had a LOT more free time on my hands. I used to be able to remember everything and keep track of things so well and would fault others who did not. Then I learned after I got married that not keeping track of things has nothing to do with not caring or being lazy, but entirely hinges upon how much you have going on in your life at the moment. I’ve turned into one of those people I used to disdain. We are who we bitch about.

7.) I quit my horrible job of working night shift in a (creepy) male-dominated printing factory to start my current job. Yick, you could only imagine the kinds of dudes that work in a small town printing factory at night (cue in dueling banjos, Deliverance style.) I must admit, there was a creeper-stalker or two who’s heart I broke when I quit but I pat myself on the back everyday for not ending up in a trunk of some weirdo’s car.

8.) I used to think that I’d never get sick of eating Taco Bell, until I got sick after eating Taco Bell once.

9.) I thought Bad Santa was a good movie.

10.) I was one of first people to hate Nickleback. What changed? I still hate them, it’s just now I’m one of many.

Wish me luck!!!


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