The “Elvis Presley”

So much of my humor is lost on my coworkers that I wonder why I even keep trying. Any joke or smart-alekly comment usually results in deer-in-headlight looks and them walking away, leaving me to snicker quietly to myself at my desk and then blog about it.

So Minneapolis has gotten it’s first Which Wich. I’ve seen these sandwich chains while visiting other states but have not eaten at one. Apparently, the sandwiches there impressed my boss, which is aggravating because that means a sandwich is more impressive than my 10 years of service. So impressed, that he pretty much rattled off every ingredient and sandwich they carried there. He was especially excited about someday trying the “Elvis Presley” (he doesn’t get out much). Apparently, this sandwich includes Peanut Butter, Bacon, Banana and Honey.

I asked “Does it have Quaaludes in it, too? Heh Heh heh heh”.


Le sigh. Heh heh heh heh. Typy-Typy.

"You ain't nothing but a hot dog...."

“You ain’t nothing but a hot dog….”

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