Welcome to my blog, House of Farts! You’ll hear in great (and grotesque) detail all of the joys and pitfalls of bulldog ownership and newly-wed hilarity. With one husband and two male bulldogs, I’m the lone taco in this everyday sausage party, where love and (scarce) appreciation are measured in flatulation and drooly, sloppy kisses.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. maijaharrington

    I just found your blog and will be following. We used to have basset hounds, whose lower digestive systems are much like those of bulldogs, so I enjoyed your stories. We’ve since turned to pugs, who are much more “delicate,” tho’ their anal glands will stand up to the stinkiest farts.
    If you like other stories about dogs, stop by http://maijaharrington.com, my new blog, where I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, “Funny Tails: Adventures & Misadventures in Living with Pugs.” It’s a humorous look at life with our 3 pugs + various foster pugs from Pug Rescue of NC. So far, readers say it’s pretty funny.
    Best wishes,
    Maija (pronounced my-uh)

    • Thanks for the follow! Bassett Hounds are another favorite of mine! They’re so floppy and sweet! I’ll be sure to check out your blog!

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